One Sentry®

by Jewel Paymentech

Simplifying Merchant Monitoring for Your Business

Is your e-commerce merchant portfolio safe from potential brand and reputational risks?

Designed especially for e-merchant acquirers in mind, One Sentry monitors your merchants' web,
social and transactional behavior; quickly alerting you to risky behavioural traits.

Stay on top of your merchant’s product and service offerings, prevent transaction laundering within your portfolio

One Sentry actively monitors merchants for high-risk merchant activities, during merchant on-boarding stage and an ongoing basis. This allows acquirers and payment facilitators to identify merchant risk levels, and to take proactive measures to limit this risk exposure.

Put a stop to merchant level laundering

One Sentry identifies if your merchant is processing transactions on behalf of other merchants, who may be selling prohibited goods or services.

Predict chargebacks by knowing what consumers think of your merchants

Using natural language processing, One Sentry identifies negative customer sentiment posted on your merchants' social media platforms.

This allows you to take proactive measures to mitigate potential chargebacks risks.

All the features that matters

We've got you covered.
Let us manage the risk while you focus on growing your merchant business.

Big on features, light on price!

Price starting from an affordable US$180/month for a minimalistic monthly due diligence reporting of your portfolio.


One Sentry is a Mastercard registered Merchant Monitoring Service Provider. With that, subscribers could apply for potential amnesty on fines imposed by Mastercard in case of BRAM and transaction laundering violations.

AI & machine learning

One Sentry’s proprietary engine is constantly learning from the data it scans, allowing it to learn and adapt over time leading to improved results.

Web-crawl your merchant websites

One Sentry provides a full view report inclusive of the scoring of your merchant URLs for traits indicative of risky behaviors such as pornography, weapons and illegal gambling.

Integration to Capture® origination platform

Built-in API to help generate real-time assessment of merchants as they are being on-boarded through Capture®. Read more here.

Anti-merchant aggregation

One Sentry analyses transactions in real-time, immediately identifying instances where a merchant’s credentials are being used by non-approved URLs or Mobile Apps.

Fuss-free dashboard

One Sentry’s user friendly dashboard allows you to easily download reports, add or remove merchants anytime from your portfolio for the next periodic scan.


Easy setup; no complex network or system enhancements.